5 Reasons Your Sales Team is Ready for Sales Enablement

  November 2nd, 2016  
  Sales Coaching, Sales Onboarding, Sales Training

There are many factors that help organizations to consistently meet sales targets. The most important factor is making their sales team members successful. This starts with a great onboarding plan and includes continuous training. It is very difficult for organizations to have a great sales team without the tools and processes to support their rep development. Sales enablement solutions have been proven to help organizations consistently make their sales goals with a focus on continuous coaching and onboarding. A report from the Aberdeen Group found that 84% of sales reps with best-in-class sales enablement solutions achieve their quota, compared to just 50% of sales reps with subpar sales enablement.
Here are some reasons your organization should consider a sales enablement solution.

1. Your Training Process is One Size Fits All

There are still a few organizations that have one sales training plan for all of their reps. This is one of the biggest blunders a sales manager can make. Sales reps have different past experiences, learn in different ways, and have different skills and tactics that they need help with. Sales training will even change for the same sales rep as they develop within your organization. There needs to be a flexible and customizable sales training program.

2. Your Onboarding Process is Not Successful

Do your reps take a long time to get up to speed, or leave your organization after a short period of time? You may be having challenges with your onboarding program. Successful onboarding programs and tools are some of the keys to team sales success. If the reps don’t get started well how can they succeed in the short and medium term?

3.Sales Reps Are Not Able to Access Training Content

According to SiriusDecisions notes, “Sixty to seventy percent of content in b-to-b organizations goes unused. The number-one reason? Irrelevance. The number-two and number-three reasons? People don’t know it exists or can’t find it.” If reps can’t find your information, the information doesn’t apply to them, or they don’t know it is available, then that is a failure of your sales training program.

4. Managers Have Different Training Sttrategies

Sales Managers, like sales reps, can have a varied background of experiences and environments. Supporting the sales managers with their ongoing training efforts for their reps is one of the most important contributions from the leadership team. This means helping with the process and tools that can help with the development of the organization’s sales reps.

5. Opportunities Are Being Stuck in the Funnel

One of the leading indicators of sales development issues with reps is opportunities being stuck in the funnel. There can be many reasons for this ranging widely from sales skills to not having the right strategy for overcoming a specific competitor. A sales enablement solution can help provide the right training and content at the right time for the sales team.
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