6 Keys to Successful Sales Coaching

  November 9th, 2016  
  Sales Coaching

There has been a big switch in the main goal of a sales leader. In the past, the focus on the Sales Manager was just bringing in their sales quota. Sometimes, this would mean that the Sales Managers were actually like salespeople on steroids. This could be beneficial in the short-term, but was not a great medium and long-term strategy. Sales Reps may leave, teams can’t scale, Sales Reps don’t get better, and the team does not develop future sales leaders. Many people would argue that the most important job for a manager is sales coaching. Studies have found that one of the benefits of sales coaching is long-term sales success. Sales Reps that received 3+ hours of sales coaching a month averaged 107% of their sales target.

Here are some things to consider as you consider your sales coaching program.


There should not be a one size fits all for the sales reps. Each sales rep will have different challenges and opportunities that they can work on. The coaching should be customized and tailored to each specific Sales Rep. This does not mean that each Sales Manager should have to create supporting documents or use their own development strategies. The organization should provide the process and support to make the sales leader effective at developing each Sales Rep.

Create a Plan

There should be a coaching plan for each sales person. This plan should have specific actions, activities, timelines, and expectations. The Sales Rep and leaders can use this throughout the weeks, months, and the rest of the year. There should be quantifiable goals that can be measured with very little grey area.


As part of the plan, there will be tasks that need to be executed on. This is not all just on the Sales Re,p but also on the Manager and other team members. The team could include senior leaders and even other sales reps.

Process and Tools

It is important that the organization have their sales coaching and training process in place. Leaving this to individual Managers to set-up could lead to disaster. There are great technology and sales enablement tools that can assist with the coaching efforts and compliment the sales leaders in person efforts.

Review Results

There should always be a review component of the coaching program. This applies to the salesperson as well as the Manager. See what is working and what can be improved. In some cases, it may actually be that the salesperson or even sales leader are not doing a good job receiving or giving the coaching.

Update and Repeat

Take the learnings with the program, reps, and managers and make the program better for the next year or cycle. This continuous movement to get better is what drives sales organizations to better long-term success.
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