5 Sales Management Ideas for Handling the Summer Sales Slump

  June 1st, 2016  
  Sales Management

June has just started and the unofficial start of summer is here. For many people, this is a great time of the year with better weather and the associated summer vacations. For sales leaders, this could also mean a sales slump. Customers are away and sales could start to fall a little.
Your reps are taking time off and could also be influenced by the other temptations that the summer brings such as heading to the cottage. Fear not sales leaders because the summer can be a great time for the sales team. Here are a few ways that you can make great use of the summer.

1. Not every customer is on vacation all summer

Sales can still go on in the summer and in some cases, it is a better time for sales. Customers may be away on vacation, but they aren’t on vacation the whole summer. Decision makers often conveniently leave out of office notifications on their email and voicemail. This allows the sales person to pinpoint when they will be around. They are also typically less busy because their teams are on vacation as well. This means less internal meetings and more time for sales meetings and project planning.

2. Great time for training initiatives

This is a good time not only for training initiatives but for implementing new tools or platforms. If your organization is not using a sales enablement solution this could be the right time to evaluate and select one.

3. Team building activities

The summer provides more options for team building. The days are longer and the weather is better. This means that some team time on the driving range, a patio lunch, or a team hike in a park are all possibilities. There are many more opportunities and activities available for the team to get together.

4. Planning for sales success

The fall and Q4 can often be the top sales time of the year. Use time in the summer to plan to ensure that you are well-positioned for the prime buying season. This could mean looking at specific account strategies or even vertical strategies.

5. Don’t forget to take vacation too

Being a sales leader can be tough. You can experience a lot of pressure because you’re responsible for the success of your sales team or organization. Don’t forget to take some time yourself over the summer too. Studies have shown that taking vacations can help increase an employee’s productivity that goes for the leader as well.
As discussed, sales enablement is a great undertaking for the sales team. To find out how Lurniture can help your sales team, sign-up for our demo.

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