5 B2B Sales Training Methods

  June 29th, 2016  
  Sales Training

Ongoing training is part of the success for great sales organizations. Pardot, a Salesforce company, has said that 20% of underperforming sales teams don’t invest any budget in sales training.
The best sales training is not just done when an employee starts as part of the onboarding program but continues throughout the year. A recent study has found that continuous training provides 50% higher net sales by employee. The challenge is how you provide this continuous training throughout the year.
Here are a few B2B sales training methods.

1. Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is not a new term, but the enablement systems that are available have improved significantly over the years. For example, Lurniture is native insides Salesforce and provides reps with information in video format based on keys from their interaction with Salesforce. This means that competitive information, product demos, Salesforce adoption, and even peer videos can be presented from the system.

2. Field Training

One of the best methods for training is to have the sales person make calls, provide a demo, or have a meeting with feedback. Often the sales rep can self-evaluate first and then the sales leader can provide additional feedback.

3. Mentoring and Joint Activities

A joint call is an excellent way for the sales person to watch a team mate or sales leader in action in a meeting. Turn the tables on the sales rep and ask them to provide feedback to them. What did you do that they liked? What could you improve on? What would they work into their ongoing sales efforts?

4. Break Big Subjects Into Smaller Chunks

It is easier for people to learn when they get bite-sized pieces and build. This is especially true for today millennial sales reps that are used to being exposed to lots of information all the time.

5. Share Success Stories

Sales people will often embrace lessons from their co-workers more easily than from the sales leadership or the marketing department. Smart organizations work these sales success stories into many different parts of the team experience including team meetings and into sales enablement solutions.
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