How to Choose the Right Sales Enablement Solution for Your Team

  September 2nd, 2015  
  Sales Enablement
choosing sales enablement solution

There was a great blog post recently from Carol Leaman, the CEO from Axonify, on why your learning management system may not be enough.
At Lurniture, we are happy to see others sharing the same view that we have. We feel that sales enablement is the key to the ongoing sales team training success. There are many sales enablement solutions on the market.
Here are 6 tips on how to find the right sales enablement solution for your team.

1. Leverage sales systems and tools

The best way to get sales people to use a sales enablement solution is to have that solution imbedded within the systems you sales team uses every day. The system that is used most often by most sales reps is the CRM. Ideally, the solution should be embedded with the CRM so that the use was seamless and fast for the salesperson. If it is not convenient and fast, the sales team will not use the sales enablement tool and that could lead to the failure of the tool.

2. Provide content at the right time

One of the big issues that lead to the failure of learning management systems is that the user needs to seek out the right information at the time then need it. There are many things wrong with that strategy, including knowing what information is available and where it is located. A great sales enablement solution is smart enough to provide the right content at the right time. This could mean that the salesperson gets the right information on closing a sales deal against a specific competitor at the point in time that they need it.

3. Mobile-ready

The smartphone has become an expected tool for a sales rep. Smartphones ownership amongst the 25 to 34 age group is approaching 100%. Sales people are using their phones to access their CRM, using social media tools, email, and other key productivity apps. This is not just applicable to outside sales team members, but inside sales team members as well. Any sales enablement solution should have a mobile component.

4. Video content

Video has consistently been proven to be one of the best ways to learn. The speeds of networks and mobile devices have grown and video has become an everyday part of work and personal life. Creating impactful videos does not mean it has to be formally produced. There are great ways to capture video on smartphones and to use that as new content. The videos could be from the training department, marketing, or even from peers on the sales team. Not having a video component should be a big red flag for a sales enablement solution.

5. Leverage Peer-to-Peer Content

One of the most impactful sources of content is from peers. Those success stories can hold more importance as it not a sales or marketing leader providing the information, but a peer that has actually used the information or strategy in the wild. These stories can be quickly captured using video and a mobile phone. This can mean there are shorter time frames between when the success occurred and when other members of the sales team can start taking advantage of that knowledge on other sales opportunities.

6. Provide reporting

Getting feedback on your team’s use and success with your sales enablement tools is one of the keys to making it successful. It can help show what content is getting seen the most, how the sales team is using it, which sales members are using it, and more. This information can be used to highlight the sales reps who are successfully using the tool to help with further adoption among the less successful reps. Conversely, it can also highlight the sales team members who are not using the resources. Different conversations can be had with those sales reps. It is also a good indication of which pieces of content are most used. This can help make the content be created even more useful.
These features should be looked at as successful sales organizations evaluate sales enablement tools. If you would like to learn more about how Lurniture and our sales enablement tool please sign-up for a demo.

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