Closing B2B Sales After the Summer Slump

  August 3rd, 2016  
  Sales Training

The summer can be tough for B2B sales. There are vacations not only from your customers, but from your sales team. In many cases, the sales cycle and slow to a crawl as decisions and meetings are pushed off until September or into the fall. There are things that could have been done to help reduce the summer sales slump. For a sales leader, the goal now is to get the team performing at a high level for September and the 4th quarter as the summer is coming to a close. Get some plans in place to have a great end to the 3rd quarter and push to the year-end.

Identify your opportunities and next steps

Work with the sales team to identify the best opportunities in the funnel to close in the upcoming months. Make sure the next steps for the customer and for the internal team are well understood. Use the sales funnel with your CRM to identify the opportunities and set-up the next steps. This planning and review can take place in August to be well positioned for September and through to year end.

Continuous training plan and tools

Ensure that there is a plan and tool in place to support the team with continuous and ongoing training. As the end of the year draws near the training and learning is often sacrificed for short-term wins. While closing business is the goal, setting up a great plan and having the tools to enable ongoing learning can help in the near term and long term.

Individual personal development

Work with you sales team members to identify specific development targets and goals. Developing a personalized sales development plan for each rep can lead to vast improvements in their skills and results. Not everyone on the team is strong or need improvement on the same things.

Clean-up Admin

As with any job, there are always a few administrative tasks that take up time. Work on as many of them as possible through the summer so the reps are ready to focus as much of their effort as is available on sales and training in the fall. This could be working on employee reviews, account planning, cleaning up the CRM, or even make sure everyone is current on their expenses.
There are many things a sales manager can do with their team to have an impactful end of the year. Hopefully, this blog provides a few additional items or reinforces the things that you are already working on.
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