5 Tips on Closing B2B Sales for the Quarter

  March 9th, 2016  
  Sales Management

As we head into the first part of March, many sales leaders’ thoughts turn to the quarter end. Sales teams are working hard to make their quarterly targets. For many organizations, this is the start of their financial year and getting a start on meeting the plan goes a long way. Here are a few tips that can help you make your revenue goals for the first quarter of the year.

1. Where is it in your funnel?

Having an up-to-date CRM and funnel is key to sustainable sales success. This is especially true when you are trying to close out the quarter. It is important to know what business you can count on already, and what the delta is. Then, you can look at the opportunities and see which ones could potentially close in your time frame. Extra effort and focus should be applied to larger opportunities as well as to ones that are very close to closing.

2. Create a plan for each opportunity

For each of the opportunity, identify the steps that are needed to close the business – not only what needs to happen on your side, but also what needs to happen with the customer. It is also important to plot these activities against the calendar so you can ensure that there is enough time to get the opportunity across the line.

3. Focus on more opportunities than you need

You will not be able to close all of the opportunities that you target. It makes sense to have multiple paths to making your number for the quarter, including targeting opportunities that add up to more than the delta you are trying to close.

4. Get help from the team

Sales people and sales cycles don’t operate in a vacuum. Engage the people who can help you move the opportunity further. This could mean a system engineer, your sales manager, legal, or even another peer on the sales team.

5. Don’t sacrifice the account or relationship

Effective enterprise sales are often a long-term relationship, not a one-off transaction. Reaching medium and long term successes with clients means showing value and building trust over time. Trying to force a customer into a situation where they do not feel comfortable, to satisfy your short-term revenue goal is not a sustainable tactic. Don’t sacrifice a relationship to make a short-term target.
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