Engage the Team to Help With Ongoing Sales Training

  September 14th, 2016  
  Sales Training

Today, successful organizations strive to create a high-performance sales culture. There are many things that could help with the high-performance sales culture that could include being data-driven, using great tools, having SMART goals, having strong sales leaders, and having an engaged sales team. Part of this engagement is not only about being productive, but having members of the sales team helping with the development of the other sales team members. Ongoing sales training is not just provided by the sales manager, but should include tools, marketing, and other sales team members. There are a number of different ways that sales team members can help with ongoing sales training.


More experienced or successful sales team members can make great sales mentors. It is important to set expectations for both parties. Outline the types of activities, frequency of support, and feedback opportunities are important to define. It is also important to note that some team members that could be great at sales won’t make great mentors. This is also why the top sales reps don’t always make great sales managers.

Joint Sales Calls and Meetings

One of the reasons for joint sales calls or meetings is to help close business. This should not be the only reason as joint calls and meetings can be an excellent learning opportunity. There should be a meeting/call plan, predetermined roles, and a review session afterwards. The goal is not necessarily for the more senior rep to take over the call, but to have them showcase their sales style and also provide feedback to the other sales person.

Sharing Sales Success

Sales reps will often put more stock into information from their peers than from their sales manager, training department, or the marketing team. It is great of the sales team can set up different opportunities to share sales success stories. This could include time in team meetings or using video in your sales enablement solution.
Lurniture can help organizations with ongoing sales training. One of the most impactful features is the peer to peer video capabilities. If you are interested, please request a demo.

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