Evaluate Your B2B Sales Training Program

  November 16th, 2016  
  Sales Training

As we approach the New Year, many organizations are working hard to make their sales targets. It is also time for reflection on the year that was, and plan for next year. B2B sales training and coaching is widely seen as the most important task for a modern sales leader. A recent study found that continuous training can lead to 50% net higher sales per employee. How do you determine if your sales training program is working? Look for these indicators.

Losing Top Customers

Are you having a churn with your customers? There could be many reasons why. One reason could be poor sales efforts from your account management team.

Not Closing New Customers

Are opportunities getting stuck in the funnel? Ongoing coaching can help identify the challenges that the sales rep may be facing and allows the manager to put a plan in place to overcome them.

High Turnover

Are sales people or managers leaving frequently? A recent study found that 34% of SaaS sales reps would not finish out the year. This is an incredibly high turn-over rate. There is significant cost to organizations involved with hiring and recruiting new sales reps. There may be an even larger missed opportunity cost for these sales reps not staying and the missed revenue. Some of the turnover could be on bad selection, but some could also be on the ongoing training and coaching.

New Sales Reps Are Not Successfully Onboarded

Are your new sales reps contributing? A successful onboarding plan is key to getting sales reps up and going quickly. Onboarding is a big part of the sales training program.

Sales Reps Are Not Developing Into Sales Leaders

Is your team promoting reps to sales managers? Identifying and developing sales leaders is a key to long-term sales success. The most successful sales reps making their sales targets, often aren’t the best sales managers. It takes a different set of skills and capabilities, there will be reps that can move into leadership roles.
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