Some of our Favourite B2B Sales Training Video Channels

  December 7th, 2016  
  Sales Training, Videos

At Lurniture, we are big on video as a sales training program. Most modern sales organizations use many different tools and platforms for sales training. Video is a very important medium and the importance is growing over time. These are some of our favourite YouTube video channels focused on sales training and B2B sales.

Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath has a great number of short videos aimed at making salespeople better and more efficient. Her new book comes out this month.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Training Channel

Jeffrey Gitomer has lots of great short videos on a variety of sales 101 topics. He shares some interesting and entertaining stories and tips.

Sales for Life

Jamie Shanks and the Sales for Life team have a good mix of videos on their channel with the focus being social selling. There is a mix of webinars, short video, customer testimonials, and third party guest appearances.

Sales Benchmark Index

There are many training channels and videos that are targeting at sales reps, Sales Benchmark Index is targeted at sales leaders. There is lots of new content posted on a regular basis.


For those using Salesforce internally, there is a lot of great product related information. There is also lots of great sales content even if you don’t use Salesforce. If you could not make Dreamforce check out some of the featured speakers.
Today, it is easy to create your own sales training videos. Lurniture can help enable that content at the time of need for your sales team. Schedule a demo to determine if Lurniture could help your team.

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