Grow Sales Faster by Onboarding the Sales Reps Faster

  January 18th, 2017  
  Sales Onboarding

Growing technology firms can have many challenges ranging from scaling their technology, hiring talent, and bringing in funding. The other big issue across the industry is growing sales. To grow, companies need to ensure that their sales team is running productively. B2B sales onboarding is key to get new salespeople contributing to the team. A recent study by CSO Insight found that over 60% of sales reps take over 6 months to ramp up.
Here are a few thoughts on how to onboard your new sales reps faster.

Clear Expectations

We would argue that expectations for your new sales rep should start to be set as part of the interview process. One of the first items as part of the sales onboarding should be setting clear and measurable goals and expectations. Typically companies do a good job with revenue and activity targets. Don’t forget to set the onboarding expectations and timing. This will ensure that the rep and sales leader are on the same page.

Train in Chunks

One of our favourite sales trainers is Jill Konrath. Chunking is one of her top ways to learn quickly. Chunking break big subjects down into smaller, more digestible chunks; otherwise, the assignment is simply too overwhelming. Use this chunking strategy so that reps are continuously learning and moving faster to being productive team members.

Sales Enablement

Trying to deliver your onboarding with all in person sessions is not an effective strategy. Sales enablement solutions can help t deliver information at the time of need to a sales person. Lurniture increase speed to which sales reps are onboarded with intelligent video coaching delivered through Salesforce.

Leverage the Team

While in-person training and mentoring should not be the entirety of your sales onboarding program, it is still very important. Senior sales reps, marketing, other leaders, and other members of your organization can all be part of delivering the onboarding program. These different voices will allow the sales person to build better relationships within the organization and get exposure to different styles of training.

Review Onboarding Program

Successful sales organizations measure, review, and get better. This should also go for the sales onboarding program. There should be a regular review to the program and then that learning should be fed back into the program.
Lurniture can help with sales onboarding and ongoing sales training. Schedule a demo with our teamto see how Lurniture could help your team.

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