How to Improve Your Sales Coaching

  December 21st, 2016  
  Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is one of the most, if not the most important aspects of a sales leaders job. There is a 17% performance increase for sales reps that are coached versus reps that are not coached. As we head into the New Year, sales leaders should think about what they can do to be a better coach.

Here are a few things that a modern sales leader can work on to be a better sales coach.

Walk the Walk

If you are asking reps to use your internal tools and be prepared for your coaching sessions, then you should be prepared for it as well. As an example you should be reviewing their activity and their sales enablement solution ( and have completed your tasks for the meeting. This helps build the right environment by showing leadership.

Set Expectations

Organizations are often good at setting sales activity goals and expectations, but are not great at setting personal development expectations.

Custom Plan

There should not be a one size fits all for coaching the team. Each sales rep will have strengths and opportunities to make improvements. They all won’t learn exactly the same way. Have some ability to create a custom plan.

Short, Medium, and Long-Term Goals

Being a sales leader there is always the pressure for short-term results. It could be to make an individual sale or even monthly targets. One eye should be on coaching to help the sales rep in the short term, but also think longer term. Having a rep that grows and gets better over time allows for many other possibilities for them and the organization. Not all the skills and practices can be affected in a short period of time.

Team Coaching

One of the best ways to be a better sales coach is to get exposed to other how others coach. This can also be helpful to have your reps exposed to other team members. There is a wide variety of team members that could help with the coaching including other sales leaders, sales reps, marketing, and other company leaders.

Coaching Opportunities

Sales is one of the toughest jobs as there are many different types of customer interaction opportunities. There are also many different types of organizations and people when dealing with the sale. This can mean facing news situations many times a day for a new sales rep. As a sales leader, look for the many different opportunities for sales coaching. These could include but not be limited to role playing, sales meetings and individual meetings.

Self Learning

Coaching is very top of mind for organizations, but knowing how to implement it is another item altogether. Organizations may do a better job of thinking about the impact for the sales reps then the sales leaders. Look for opportunities to learn about coaching. It could be a blog, a book, a webinar, or even a Peer2Peer meetup with other modern sales organizations. In many organizations, it will be the sales leader that is helping to drive the initiative.
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