How to Provide Better Sales Coaching to Your Team

  January 12th, 2017  
  Sales Coaching

For modern sales organizations, there is a view that the most important part of the manager’s job is coaching. This still seems to be an issue for sales leaders as a recent study found that 73% of managers spent less than 5% of their time coaching.
Here are a few things that a sales leader and their organization can do to make them a better B2B sales coach.

Set Coaching Goals

Modern sales organizations are getting better at measuring the development of their sales reps. However, one area that still gets left behind is setting goals for sales coaching for the manager. Think about the end results for the team but also the activities that lead to a great sales coaching plan. The goals should just go beyond the revenue attainment and could include turn-over, aggregate of the sales reps goals, time spent on coaching, and promoted internal hires.

Make Time in the Schedule

It is important to set time aside for coaching with your reps. To make time in your schedule look at where you are spending it. As an example, one of the biggest time sucks could be the sales manager acting like a sales rep. This could mean lots of time spent on sales calls and meetings for closing the business versus coaching the sales reps.

Keep it Fresh

Try new things with the sales team and sales reps and remember to create custom plans for each of the team members. This will keep things new and help maintain a high-interest level for both the rep and the sales leader.

Get Help

Look to get some help from your team and from technology. Other team members ranging from other leaders to other sales reps can help with coaching. This is an opportunity for the sales reps to learn and get exposure with other team members. It can also lead to new learnings for the sales leader. Sales enablement solutions can help with one on one coaching through the sales reps regular ongoing tasks. These small bites of knowledge interspersed throughout the work week can pay big dividends.
Lurniture has a great sales enablement solution that can help with your organizations coaching efforts. Schedule a demo with our team to see how Lurniture could help your team.

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