5 Ways to Increase Salesforce User Adoption

  January 13th, 2016  
  CRM, Sales Training
salesforce user adoption

A CRM is a must-have tool for any B2B company with a sales team. Salesforce has statistics that show a 25% increased win rate and 28% increase deal size for companies that use a CRM. Getting sales reps to adopt Salesforce or the CRM you’re using is critical for meeting revenue objectives.
Here are a 5 ways to increase Salesforce user adoption.

1. Training and Onboarding

Make sure that new reps are trained on your Salesforce CRM as part of the onboarding. For companies this often means training when a new rep starts. There should be a method of ongoing training that allows the rep to get the information they need at the time they need it. As part of Lurniture, our sales enablement solution, we are able to share video content with sales people based on their interaction with Salesforce. This works not only for sales success stories and product marketing information, but also for Salesforce training. Your organization must find a way to provide training in an ongoing manner.

2. Buy-in and Use by Senior Sales Leaders

One of the easiest ways for an organization to lose its way when it comes to Salesforce adoption, is a lack of support or usage from the senior team. Leadership will often like the forecasting capabilities and having all customer data in one spot, but they may fail to use it. Leaders may also ask managers or reps to duplicate efforts by sending them data, when it is already in salesforce. This could cause dissention in the ranks.

3. Mobile

Mobile is a must-have for the sales team. Reps are inseparable from their mobile devices and are often not in front of their computer. They could be in a meeting with a customer, between meetings, working remotely, or even supporting a sales opportunity after regular working hours. Enabling your reps to work with Salesforce on mobile will allow them to be connected more time and on a device of their choosing.

4. Make Sure Other Sales Tools Work with Salesforce

There are lots of great sales and marketing tools that are available on the market. With Salesforce being the largest CRM, and most open to working with others, you will find many apps that will connect to Salesforce.com. Lurniture, will actually work native within Salesforce.com. The more other sales tools work with and integrate with Salesforce, the higher the adoption and more efficient the sales and marketing effort.

5. Track and Measure

As a sales leader, you should always inspect what you expect. This also applies to Salesforce adoption and usage by each rep. A rep should have their Salesforce instance open from the minute they arrive at work to the point that they leave. Using reporting functions will allow the sales leader to determine whether the rep is not using the system effectively. They can then work with that rep to understand why and work to help them overcome those issues.
Lurniture provides a sales enablement solution for B2B sales teams that use Salesforce.com. To find out how Lurniture can help your sale team increase Salesforce usage and adoption book a free demo today.

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