You Just Had a Great Sales Kick-Off, Now What?

  January 4th, 2017  
  Sales Training

Tis the season for sales kick-offs. Many companies still have physical sales kick-offs and a growing number have virtual sales kick-offs. There is a lot of work that goes into the actual sales kick-off, but less goes into what happens after your sales reps return to their regular day to day jobs. One of the larger themes for sales kick-offs is often sales training. Studies have found that there can be a good ROI, at least immediately after the training. The key is how to leverage the learnings from the sales kick-off and keep it going through the year.

Personalized Next Steps

Not all reps learn the same way and not all reps need training on the same items. It is important for sales leaders and managers to work with the reps and create personalized coaching plans. Building upon and reinforcing the sales training at kick-off will help pay dividends through the year,

Face Time With Reps

One of the main reasons that sales organizations do face-to-face kick-offs is so that the sales team gets to spend time together. It helps build upon relationships and provides opportunities for conversations. After the kick-off, reps may go to their remote office or even a different floor in the head office. In sales, there are lots of great face-to-face opportunities to learn. This can include sales meetings, role playing, or even managing by walking around. These interactions can help with the ongoing training and development from

Get Feedback

Sales leaders can sometimes get detached from the experiences and day to day from the sales team. Get feedback from the team on sales training. This will help make it better for next year and also help with the ongoing sales training.

Sales Enablement

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