6 Keys to Coach Remote Sales Reps

  February 1st, 2017  
  Sales Coaching

Sales leaders often have to coach remote sales reps. There can be many reasons for having sales reps coached by a manager at a separate location including proximity to customers, specialized resources, and the scarcity of good sales resources. Technology and the relative ease of business travel have meant that field salespeople will continue to be a growing part of the modern sales team. Coaching a sales person in a separate location can provide some challenges. They can be an out of sight out of mind, except around the forecast time. This is not a successful way to manage remote sales reps.
Here are a few tips on how to coach your remote sales reps.


1. Set Expectations and Measure

Sales leaders are great at setting revenue or quota targets, but often not great at setting other sales goals and expectations. Your remote rep will not be visible so it is important to discuss many different expectations. This could include time in the office, communications plan, and updating the CRM. This helps to avoid frequent miscommunications especially at the start of the working relationship. There should be supporting sales goals like calls, meetings, proposals, and other activities that are easy to measure and help drive to sales achievement.

2. Use Technology

Since the sales manager will not be seeing the sales person on a daily basis use technology to support the coaching efforts. Sales enablement tools, like Lurniture can help with onboarding, continuous training, and sales coaching. Look for the tool that integrates with main sales tools, especially your CRM.

3. Include a Regular Coaching Program

Just because a rep is remote doesn’t mean that they should not have regular remote coaching meetings or take part in team members. Ensure that the remote reps get the same types of communications interaction as those at the head office. Screenshare and Skype can help significantly in having the field sales person being able to participate.

4. Spend Time in the Field

Set up time to visit the sales person in the field. Face to face coaching is still very valuable. Ensure there are opportunities for sales meetings with the rep as these are great coaching opportunities.

5. Have the Sales Rep Into Head Office

Have the sales person into head office on a regular basis. This interaction with their colleagues can be very helpful. They can spend time with peers, marketing, and other leaders. It provides a number of coaching opportunities.

6. Leverage the Team

There may be other team members that regularly travel to the sales rep’s location. They may have other primary reasons to be there, besides seeing the sales person. These other team members can help with sales coaching and sales training. These interactions also help the remote sales rep stay connected with the company.
Lurniture is a great tool to help with coaching for both remote and local sales reps. Schedule a demo with our team to see how Lurniture could help your team.

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