How to Learn from Sales Success Stories

  April 6th, 2016  
  Sales Training

Many sales leaders are looking back on the highlights from Q1 and thinking about how to make their teams better in Q2.
One of the most powerful tools to help a sales team grow professionally is to share success stories from sales reps. Sales people often value a success story from a peer more than pre-packaged corporate marketing materials. A great sales success story can have a big impact on the other team members. Here are fours ideas on how to share sales rep success stories.

1. Share in Team Meetings

Most sales teams have regular sales meetings. Setting time aside during each meeting for a customer success story is a great way to leverage the win. To make it more impactful for the team meeting, let everyone know ahead of time that they can expect to hear the story and let the sales person know ahead of time that they will be sharing so they can properly prepare.

2. Job Shadow

Joint calls or meetings are a great way for sales people to hone their skills. Managers and sales people should have regular joint activities. It is also a good practice to have sales people going out together. Senior reps can help with education and training for more junior reps. There is also a benefit to having reps of similar experience going out together. Sales people have nuances in their approach and getting exposure to different styles and strategies will help improve even the most senior sales person.

3. Create a Video

It is very easy to film and edit video today. You can use dedicated video cameras or even a smartphone. The benefit of filming the success story is that it can be shared with people who aren’t in the room and at any time. The trick is where the video is stored so that it can be accessed.

4. Sales Enablement

The ultimate tool for sharing sales rep success stories is sales enablement. A great sales enablement solution should be able to show the sales person success story to another team member when it is the most pertinent for them. This could mean showing the video to a rep before they are about to face the same competitor or need to solve a similar industry problem as the success story.
One of the best uses of Lurniture is sharing sales success stories easily, quickly, and at the most impactful moment for the sales person. If you are interested to see how the Lurniture sales enablement solution could help your team, please sign-up for a demo.

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