How to Get Sales Reps To Love Your CRM

  February 10th, 2016  

For sales people, there is often a love/hate relationship with their CRM. Many reps would say mostly hate. This hate has slowly decreased over time as a new generation of sales reps has grown up using CRM everyday. CRM platforms have also become more reliable, easier to use, and have added more value to the sales and marketing team. Some reps have even started to love their CRM. As we approach Valentine ’s Day here are a few things that organizations and sales leaders can do to get sales reps to love using the CRM.

1. Integration

Many CRMs can integrate with other sales and marketing tools and systems. At the basic level, make sure that the emails from landing pages or other forms are linked so that emails flow into the CRM without requiring manual reporting from the sales person. On the more complex side, marketing automation tools can be connected to give the sales person more insight into their customers’ and prospects’ interaction with your marketing content.

2. No micromanagement

The great thing for sales leader is that you can log into the CRM at any time and get an up-to-date view. Use that view instead of asking the sales rep when the next meeting is with an account, look into the CRM and see yourself. If there are issues or the rep is not using the CRM correctly, then call them out on it.

3. No extra reports needed

The great thing about most modern CRMs is the reporting capabilities. You can slice and dice data in many ways, especially with the leading system such as You don’t ask the reps to fill in additional forms or excel spreadsheets when the date is already in the CRM.

4. Sharing information with the team

At many companies, there is a team selling or supporting customers and prospects. Allowing all the team members to have live views into the system means there are less unnecessary meetings and emails.

5. Sales enablement

This is an excellent way to engage your sales team at the right time with the right content. For example, Lurniture can provide a video, such as a marketing video or a peer success story, at the right time in the sales cycle to help a sales rep.

6. Close more business

Using a CRM helps companies close more business and ensures continuity within the business. A study has found every $1 spent on a CRM results in a payback of $8.71. The more your CRM is used, the more likely your sales people will be successful and thus the organization.
Lurniture provides a sales enablement solution for B2B sales teams. We can help your sales reps love your CRM and sell more, faster. Book a demo with Lurniture to see how we can help you and your sales team.

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