Make Salesforce Adoption Effortless

  August 31st, 2016  
  Salesforce Adoption

CRM adoption is high on sales leaders list of what makes a successful modern sales organization. One of the main reasons is the return on investment from the use of a CRM system, like Salesforce. Research has shown that CRM payback could be as high as $8.71 for each dollar spent. The challenge is that the sales team doesn’t always see the benefits that the leadership sees. This is also complicated by the fact that there are still a few old school sales managers that want their reps to use a CRM, but they don’t use it themselves. There a few things that organizations can do to help them make their Salesforce adoption as effortless as possible.

Train Users

One of the biggest reasons that Salesforce CRM could fail is sales training. This means making sure there is training when new employees are on-boarded and there is a strategy and tools to provide ongoing training.

Measure Usage

One of the best things about Salesforce is the reporting capabilities. There are many reports that could be used to measure usage and ensure that reps are working within Salesforce.

Incorporate Salesforce Into Many Business Processes

Your CRM should be a central tool for customer interactions. There can be many parts of the organization that can incorporate it into their business processes. As an example, finance should use forecasting from Salesforce and not have reps or managers create separate documents or systems.

Integrate Other Apps into Salesforce

There are many great apps in the Salesforce AppExchange. There are a number of these apps which support Salesforce adoption including Cirrus Insights and Lurniture. These tools, and others like them, provide additional sales and marketing capabilities to a great CRM experience.

Tie to Compensation

There are many ways to tie Salesforce adoption to compensation. Salesforce adoption should be talked about in the interview process and the prospective candidate should understand the expectations before starting their job. If there is a salary component to their compensation it can be explained that CRM use is part of the job they are getting paid for. If the employees are on a commission/variable plan then you can make Salesforce adoption as one of the variable components.
Lurniture is one of the tools that can help with Salesforce adoption and sales enablement. There is a use case for the initial employee onboarding as well as ongoing training. If you are interested please request a demo.

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