March Break Professional Development Plans for Sales Leaders

  March 16th, 2016  
  Sales Management

March Break is a great time for sales leaders to think about their team’s plans for next quarter. It could be a little quieter in the office or maybe you have some down time on the plane. Making your sales team more successful will lead to you being more successful.
Here are 5 professional development tips that will help you and your team improve sales efforts next quarter.

1. Why Mentorship Is Key To Social Selling Success


Jamie Shanks (@jamietshanks) talks about creating mentorship programs to improve the sales professional skills.

2. How to Develop a Career Path for Your BDRs


Emmanuelle Skala (@elleskala) talks about how to develop a career path for your Business Development Reps.

3. What If Sales Was Not a Numbers Game?


Jill Konrath (@jillkonrath) provides some insight on structuring the sales person’s targets and efforts.

4. Setting Goals that Reps Will Buy Into


Collen Francis (@EngageColleen) has some good thoughts on setting goals that reps will buy into.

5. Make a Choice to Influence Negatively or Positively


Jeffrey Gitomer (@gitomer) talks about being a positive influence as a leader.
Videos can be a very powerful method of educating sale people. The Lurniture sales enablement solution provides video through Salesforce to the sales team right when they need the information. If you are interested in finding out more, sign up for a demo.

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