Working With Millennial Sales Reps: 6 Trends

  May 4th, 2016  
  Sales Management

Over the next few years, Millennials will become more important for sales organizations. Millennials will be roughly 50% of the USA workforce in 2020 and 75% of the global workforce by 2030.
This generation will cause a huge shift in the way your organize hires, manages, coaches, and plans your workforce. Like any generation, there are things from their education and from their life that will be reflective in their work. This is especially true with the use of technology. There are many trends to consider as the wave of Millennial sales reps enters and moves through your workforce.

1. Shorter Stays With Employers

Millennials are staying at organizations for shorter periods of time than previous generations. A recent survey by Deloitte found that only 27% could see themselves with their current employer for more than 5 years. A majority of those are spending 2 years or less with current employers. For organizations, this means being prepared to hire more people for the same amount of roles.

2. Mobile

Millennials are the highest users of mobile technology in North America. Millennials in all of the US, UK and Canada are definitely mobile-first.
The 18-34 year-old age group spends at least 20 hours more per month on mobile than on laptop or desktop PCs. They will be using mobile, both when they are in the office and out of the office. The mobile device also brings in other opportunities like being able to film video.

3. Video

For Millennials video is a prime format for education. They attended school with many opportunities to learn through video. If you want to learn something you can look up Youtube for a free how-to video, or even pay for a course through a site like Udemy. Video can also be shot and captured easily by the internal training tool or even the sales team themselves.

4. CRM

One of the issues with an older salesforce is a more likely reluctance to embrace a CRM. This goes back to the days that they started and the lack or limited functionality of CRMs. These older sales people can often game the system to show minimum CRM use and still close business.
This is often frustrating for a sales leader and the sales operations team. The opportunity for Millennials is that they are used to technology and because they are new employees, they will take it for granted that the CRM is part of the daily sales effort.

5. Continuous Learning

A recent study by the Intelligence Group found 79% of Millennials want their boss to serve more as a coach or mentor. Your sales leaders should be prepared to support this cohort with continuous learning and coaching (

6. Do it Yourself

It is very easy today to create things. You can make your own video with your phone, write your thoughts on a blog, and share your experiences on social media. This is an opportunity to engage these employees in building skills around sales and marketing within your organization. It is also an opportunity for people to share their successes and best practices with other team members.
The Millennial wave is here and it will continue through for over the next decade. Is your organization ready for this generation? If you are interested in finding out how Lurniture can help with your Millennial salesforce, sign-up for a demo of Lurniture.

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