6 Benefits of Onboarding New Sales Reps Quickly

  February 24th, 2016  
  Sales Onboarding
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It is still shocking how many firms invest lots of effort and resources into the hiring process, only to do a poor job onboarding the new employees. For sales, we have written recently about different ways you can onboard your new team members. One article that inspired this post was an interview with a sales leader at HubSpot. There are many reasons why you should put the effort into onboarding your new sales reps quickly, including increasing revenue, maintaining team productivity and assessing fit.

1. Contribution to revenue

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit about getting the sales person up and going right away. It does take time and resources, but it the sales leaders’ number one priority should be to make sure the whole team is working hard and on the right things.

2. Expectation issues

One of the biggest reasons for failure in a sales and management experience, and really in life, is a mismatch between expectations. The sales person wants to sell your solution and make money. You want that sales rep to approach targets that you have in their plan. If they don’t get started quickly there can be a wedge between both parties’ expectations.

3. Fire faster, if they are not the right person

Hire slow and fire fast” is a popular strategy for companies. Organizations should take their time to ensure they get the right person for the team. When an individual starts and the leader realizes they made a mistake, then a decision must be made quickly. Having a slow onboarding process means that it will take longer to see the new hire in action and therefore compounds the problem if a bad hire was made.

4. Disruption to the team

Having a new hire that is not onboarding quickly in the sales pit is not good for the team or them. There could be disruption as they try and learn with help from the sales team. Peer-to-peer learning (http://lurniture.com/share-sales-success-stories/) is a great way to help sales people gain the right knowledge from the right people at the right time. Sales hires may also be disruptive as they wait for things to do and cause negative feelings because this new person is not using their time properly during the whole day.

5. Bad experience for the new sales person

Having a great sales team made up of excellent sales people is one of the most important components for a successful organization. After a sales person gets hired, their first experience with the company is usually on their first day at work. Are you ready for them? Is there a plan for them? There is nothing worse than having them sit around because your sales and marketing team was not ready for them. That first experience can leave an impression on how much the organization values them.

6. Being a better team member

Having an effective on-boarding process means that knowledge has been passed on to the new hire. They should see how things work and benefit from getting up and going quickly. This will mean the sales rep will be better equipped to help other team members and can they can use this experience to grow professionally. These new hires could become leaders in your company in the future.
If you are interested in helping your team onboard faster, having training presented to your sales reps at the right time can help. It can even be done within your Salesforce CRM. Sign-up to get a free demo of Lurniture.

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