Onboarding Sales Reps in the New Year

  November 23rd, 2016  
  Sales Onboarding

The New Year brings many things to a sales team, but probably the most impactful is new sales reps. There are many benefits to successfully onboarding the new sales rep. These sales reps being effective will be one of the keys to sales success for the year and future years. There are many thoughts on what makes a good onboarding programs, here are some of the things to consider when onboarding your new sales reps.

Be Ready

One of the worst things you can do for a new employee is not being ready for them. Being new to a company and job can be stressful. Not being ready sends a bad signal to the employee. Conversely, being prepared and having a well-thought onboarding plan ensures your new sales team member has a great start and puts them on the path for success.

Mix Up the Training

There are many different training formats and strategies that can be employed as part of your onboarding. This could range from in-person role-playing to e-learning. Mix up the types of training and keep it interesting.

Include the Team

One of the ways for the new employee to get a better understanding of their new employer is to meet new people from across the organization. You could include marketing, organizational leaders, product management, customer support, other sales reps, and other company employees.

Evaluate Progress

Goals should be set out so you can evaluate not only the progress of the new sales reps but also of the onboarding program. For an employee that could mean some extra coaching, some extra focus on a key product area, or even that this employee is not a match for the company or position. For the onboarding program, you need to find out what is working, what needs improvement and how to prepare the sales reps to be successful sale contributors.

Don’t Forget the Individual

When hiring cohorts for the same position it is often easy to forget that each of the new reps is an individual. They will all have their strengths, weaknesses, and react differently to the same situation. As a sales leader, you will need to make time with each of your new sales reps to give them the opportunity to talk with you in a one-on-one situation. There will be the need to provide individualized coaching to the sales reps.

Continuous Sales Training

The old school sales organizations would typically have an onboarding program, yearly kick-off training, and a few random training opportunities. Modern and successful sales organizations employ continuous sales training. A recent study found that continuous training gives a 50% higher net sale per employee. Once your sales rep is onboarded, they should move into a continuous sales training program.
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