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Deliver the right training at the right time—right within Salesforce.

Use Lurniture to accelerate your sales:

  • Develop your team's selling skills faster
  • Increase deal sizes and close rates
  • Clone your top performers
  • Track the ROI of your training efforts
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Reimagine sales training.

Today’s empowered buyers expect more from the sales process. More relevance, more proof, more speed, more knowledge. What does this mean for your team? More training. But shrinking attention spans, resource requirements and uncertain ROI can quickly cripple your training efforts. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Lurniture for Salesforce accelerates sales with a personalized training experience for every rep. Our modern training technology gives your team the power to learn faster, collaborate more and measure success without ever having to leave Salesforce. Bottom line? We make it easy to love learning—and sell more.


Right training, right person, right time

Enable your team to spend more time selling and less time searching for answers. Use data science to automate training content delivery right when it applies to the deal a rep is working on in Salesforce.

  • Auto-suggest training content based on User attributes and Opportunities in rep’s pipeline
  • Display bite-sized video content right within Opportunity, Account and Contact records
  • Dynamically update training recommendations as key fields such as Stage, Competitor and Industry change

Great for:


Tailoring sales pitches to different buyer personas


Quickly onboarding new hires and promoted salespeople


Continuously reinforcing current playbooks


Communicating new product or marketing information to sales


Improving CRM adoption

P2P Collaboration

Clone your all-star reps

Make learning more exciting with a social aspect your reps will love. Enable your A-players to easily share their winning tips and success stories, then let the rest of the team review and rank the content’s helpfulness.

  • Allow reps to easily upload and share short training videos on any device
  • Crowdsource the most popular content through social indicators such as likes, comments, views and ratings
  • Watch shared video content right within Salesforce

Great for:


Sharing best practices, success stories and objection handling techniques


Mentoring at scale of newer reps by top performers


Rewarding users publishing the most effective content


Getting faster answers to “how-to” questions


Link training to dollars

Know exactly where to focus your efforts. See how your training content is performing in terms of dollars so you don’t waste time and money.

  • Measure the impact of training content on revenue generation
  • See who is engaged in learning and which topics are trending
  • Identify who your top publishers are and their contributions to the training library

Great for:


Uncovering training needs, requirements and resources


Identifying future mentors and trainers


Optimizing training topics and formats


Improving rep accountability regarding training

Native on Salesforce

Remove barriers to learning

Deliver training content right where reps already live and breathe. Lurniture functions 100% within the Salesforce platform and Salesforce1 Mobile App. No separate tools or systems for reps, managers or admins to learn.

  • Deliver training content natively within standard Salesforce records and objects (Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts)
  • Accelerate sales with real-time enablement on any mobile device
  • Get the same reliability, security and scalability as Salesforce
  • No extra know-how required—any Salesforce Administrator can manage the software

Great for:


Increasing sales success for reps using Salesforce on any device


Improving training software adoption and engagement


Consolidating and simplifying your team’s tool set


Faster, easier training software deployment

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