Sales Enablement In 2016: 4 Things To Consider

  December 2nd, 2015  
  Sales Enablement
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The end of the calendar year for a sales leader involves a mix of planning and execution.
Priorities could include getting last minute deals across the line to make quota or the sales target can takes up a lot of time and mind share. However, a good sales leader always one eye on the current tasks and one eye on the future.
As the new year approaches, sales leaders should spend time planning for the new sales year. That planning will include hiring, firing, revenue targets, quota, and many other strategic initiatives. It is also an excellent time to look at your sales enablement plan.
Having a plan that continuously improves the skills of your sales team throughout the year is one of the fundamental underpinnings of an effective sales strategy. Technology and learning strategies can change from year to year; here are a few things you should consider when developing a sales enablement strategy for the new year.

1. Integration with CRM

The most important sales tool that you team should use is a CRM. Driving CRM adoption and having a sales enablement tool that is imbedded in the system is important. Having your sales enablement solution tied into your CRM means that reps will get information to help them support their journey at the right time in the sales cycle.

2. Relevant and Digestable Videos

Video can help your reps close more deals. Video doesn’t just mean just using video for a customer-facing website or application, it means using it internally for training and onboarding. Short videos could feature how to outsell your competition, product benefits, or even success stories from other sales reps.

3. Peer Sharing

One of the best ways to motivate and train your reps is with peer sharing. There are many opportunities to use these customer success stories to help your sales team. You just need to have an effective way to capture these success stories and share them with the right sales person at the right time.

4. Mobile-Friendliness

The salesperson today is often on the go; they could be out of the office at meetings, working from home, or even being away from their desk at a campus. A sales enablement tool that’s mobile-friendly doesn’t just mean that it works on a device, but that it works well. This could mean allowing users to easily capture a video on a success story on their phone and then being able to post it to the enablement tool, all from their mobile device.
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