Sales Enablement for Ongoing Sales Training

  January 25th, 2017  
  Sales Enablement

When people think about sales enablement they often think about the outbound efforts, like our friends from SalesLoft. The other use of sales enablement is as a tool to help with onboarding, continuous training, and to help sales leaders with coaching. Sales training is no longer viewed as a once a year expense at the company sales kick-off. For modern sales organizations, sales training and rep development is the key to sales success. Similarly to outbound sales enablement, internally focused solutions use cadence, technology, and statistics to develop better sales reps.
Here are a few thoughts on how to make your organization better at sales enablement.

Commitment From the Top

Sometimes organizations can be guilty of rolling out solutions for the sales team, but not getting buy-in and use from the organization’s leaders. For sales enablement, this means not only talking the talk but walking the walk. The senior sales and organization leaders should support sales enablement with actions to support the program.

Think Through the Program

Sales enablement can be a complex thing. It is important that those developing the plan are given the right amount of time and resources to succeed. This could mean involving other team members and bringing in outside resource to help get a great plan in place.


A great sales enablement program uses technology to support the program’s goals. The sales team and leadership can interact with the system when it makes sense for them and the sales enablement program. Look for a tool that fits within your sales stack, as an example, Salesforce.

Guidance and Support

When a new program is launched there will be many new things. This not only affects the sales team but the sales manager as well. A good sales enablement program will have time built in and analytics to support the learning for the sales team. If a new program is not used and rolled out properly it will often die.

Review and Improve

Once the sales enablement program is up and running, there will be many learnings that can make the program. Reviewing the sales enablement analytics and feedback from team members will help make the program better. This should not be a once a year action, but a continuous effort to review and tweak.
Lurniture is a sales enablement tool built on Salesforce that helps with sales onboarding and ongoing sales training. Schedule a demo with our team to see how Lurniture could help your team.

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