7 Things to Consider When Selecting a Sales Enablement Solution

  April 20th, 2016  
  Sales Enablement

The popularity of sales enablement solutions are growing like mad; last year saw a 69% increase in spending on sales enablement solutions, according to Sirius Decisions.
There are hundreds of sales enablement solutions on the market, so picking the right one for your company may seem like a big task. This blog will provide 7 suggestions of things that could be important to your B2B sales team.

1. Finding the Right Information at the Right Time

The good news is there has never been so much information to support the sales team. The bad news is there has never been so much information to support the sales team. A study by the Aberdeen Group in 2015 found that sales people spend 43 hours a month searching for information. Your sales engagement solution needs to make it easy for the sales person to find the right information at the right time.

2. Timing of Sales Hires

Gone are the days of mass hires at only one time of the year. B2B organizations might hire cohorts or individual reps throughout the sales year. How will the sales enablement solutions support these different types of hires as well as reps of different skill levels?

3. CRM Integration

The CRM is the backbone of any B2B sales team. Ideally, you sales tools should integrate into your CRM. For many organizations this is Salesforce.com. Integrating your sales engagement tool into your CRM makes it easier for the sales rep and also helps to drive CRM adoption.

4. Cross-Selling and Marketing

Many organizations have different offerings, ranging from hardware, software, services, and often multiple instances of each. The ability to support education on how to cross-sell may be important to your organization. There may also be educational information from many parts of your organization like sales operations, marketing, and other business divisions. You should consider if your sales engagement solution should fit for the whole organization.

5. Mobile

In 2015, mobile usage surpassed desktop usage. This statistic also has implications for the sales team. Sales team members are increasing their use of mobile and this could mean new productivity opportunities such as creating videos and sharing it as part of the sales education. Your sales enablement solution needs to play well with mobile.

6. Video

The use of video by corporations is increasing at a significant rate. Two of the main areas for use are marketing and training. Video is a very effective way to share educational material. This should be one of the essential components of your sales enablement solution.

7. Analytics

One of the great things about the move to digital for education is the ability to provide analytics. This is also the case for your sales engagement tool. You should be able to run statistics on which items are reviewed and frequency of use. This not only goes for the organization as a whole, but also for individual reps. This information will be valuable as you look at the effectiveness of the material and for the reps own personal development.

The Lurniture team feels that our sales enablement solution is an excellent option for growing B2B sales teams. Sign-up for a demo and find out if Lurniture is a fit for your sale steam.

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