Spring Cleaning for the B2B Sales Leader

  March 24th, 2016  
  Sales Management

As we head into the end of the month, and maybe the end of the quarter for many, most of the heavy lifting has been done. New reps have been hired and on-boarded, you are working on the last few opportunities to make your quarter, and you are probably looking ahead to the next quarter.
As you examine your team, your processes, support, and what is coming up in the next quarter, what are other areas that you should review for success through the rest of the year?

1. CRM Use

The main tool in any enterprise sales organization is a CRM. One of the challenges is getting your reps to use it on a regular basis. As you head into the next quarter, what kind of strategies do you have in place to increase CRM adoption and to drive more efficient sales opportunities?

2. Leverage Sales Kick-Offs and Training

Organizations often have a sales kick-off or launch new sales initiatives at the start of the year. How will you reinforce those efforts in the following months?

3. Rep Development

Each of your sales team members has unique strengths and weaknesses. Create a plan for each of the reps based on the tools and materials that are available. There are lots of great tools that can help with this learning, including free and affordable resources such as content on authoritative blogs like Salesforce.com to individual on-line training through sites like Udemy.

4. Hiring and On-Boarding New Reps

Often, there is a large cohort of sales hires at the start of the year. Creating a program for the incoming cohort should be on the top of your mind and will help integrate the new cohort into your existing team. In addition, during the year, some reps will leave, sometimes by choice, sometimes by a management decision; hiring replacement reps can often be a challenge as they are one-off hires or it’s a small group of hires. How do you handle the training those new sales people?

5. Sales Enablement Could Be the Key

Sales enablement is an excellent way for sales leaders to handle many of the challenges in the points above. Lurniture can help with CRM adoption, ongoing training, and ongoing rep development.
If you are a sales leader and doing some spring cleaning, check out Lurniture. Our sales enablement solution provides video through Salesforce to the sales team when they need supporting information. If you are interested in finding out more, sign-up for a free demo.

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