Targets and Analytics for B2B Sales Success

  July 20th, 2016  
  Sales Training

There is one sales target that is always tracked. Revenue, or in same cases margin, is tracked for almost every sales role. As sales teams split the sales cycle and as sales leaders better understand the importance of other goals and targets, the challenge becomes deciding which targets should be set and measured to support the success of your sales team. Revenue does not tell the full story, so it is important to track other targets and sales analytics.

1. Revenue

Even though it is not the only target, it is still an important one to track. Revenue is often easier to track and less subjective than margin. The ultimate goal of the organization is to sell things, so the sales reps should be aligned with that target.

2. Activity Targets

Before there is revenue, there is the activity that helped to drive it. Business development reps and sales development reps are downstream of the close since they pass opportunities to other team members for the close. It is important for organizations to understand the activities that drive sales and set targets on the most important ones. For most sales compensation plans it also makes sense to assign a portion of the compensation on these targets. They are the leading indicators for eventual revenue.

3. CRM Adoption

Modern sales teams work closely with the marketing team. Information is passed from the marketing team and back again from the sales team. Your organization’s CRM is central in helping to organize your leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts, tasks, and events. It is essential that the sales team use the CRM to track and plan all of their activities. Your organization’s CRM should contain accurate and timely data. Most CRMs will provide a variety of ways to measure adoption.


4. Learning

One of the sales manager’s primary responsibilities is to grow and improve the sales team members. One way to do this is with continuous coaching. Systems and tools should be in place so that the sales leader does not need to be present for all the learning. Your sales enablement or learning management should be able to track the sales person’s progress through the modules. This can also be tied to professional development goals for the rep.
Lurniture is a sales enablement solution that can help with the continuous education of your sales team. It has a strong analytics engine that can help determine the most used content and which reps are completing the training videos. can present the video content at the right time to the sales person. If you are interested in understanding more about Lurniture, please sign-up for our demo.

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