Leveraging Technology for Ongoing B2B Sales Training

  May 18th, 2016  
  Sales Training

The difference in being a sales leader today and 20 years ago is amazing.

One of the biggest changes, if not the biggest change, has been the ability to use technology to support sales. One of the first major improvements was in the infrastructure to support the B2B sales training and coaching.

1. CRM

The movement of the CRM from the desktop, or server, to the cloud was one of the biggest milestones. Salesforce was one of the first to have a solution in the cloud and they are still the industry leader.

Twenty to thirty years ago, coaching meant activities like forecast meetings, training sessions, planning session, and joint calls. These were all face-to-face activities. Now, technology has allowed modern sales leaders to provide their teams with other opportunities to get continuous coaching and training.

The power of today’s CRM is incredible. There are many apps that can be used to add training and coaching into the CRM. For example, Lurniture is native inside Salesforce. This allows for training and coaching content to be shown to the sales person at the point and time that they need it. Lurniture can expose content to help with Salesforce adoption, selling against a competitor, or cross-selling a new solution.

2. Mobile

With the explosion of mobile technology and smartphone penetration, there are many sales-focused mobile apps. It is no longer a nice to have, but a must have for vendors.

Sales people are on the go outside of the office, but also inside the office. For Millennial sales reps, ongoing training on mobile is an obvious platform. A mobile phone or tablet is not only a great device to consume information, but also to create it as well.

3. Video

With storage costs decreasing and data speed increasing, video has become more and more accessible. Video is an excellent way to train sales people. It also opens up the ability for marketing and even the sales reps themselves to create content that supports the sales education process.

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