Tips for a Great Sales Training Video Program

  September 27th, 2016  
  Sales Training, Videos

Video is increasing in importance as a sales training tool. There are many benefits to using e-learning and video for sales training. The most important being that it is an excellent way for your team to become better salespeople. In addition, there can be big financial benefits to using video versus traditional live in-person training. It is reported that IBM was able to save $580 million over 2 years by moving away from in-person training to video-based e-learning.

Make the Videos Short and Digestible

People learn better with more frequent short videos versus fewer long videos. Jill Konrath calls learning in these small digestable bits, chunking. Break big subjects down into smaller, more digestible chunks; otherwise, the assignment could be too overwhelming.

Include Sales Team Members

Companies can run into trouble when they have the training or marketing department creating all of the training videos. The sales team has lots of knowledge of sales wins, competitors, and sales best practices. Peers sharing success stories ( can hold a higher value to a sales person than someone else from head office.

Make it Accessible

It is important to make it easy for sales to access the information. Being mobile-friendly is not a nice to have, but a must have. This is especially true for millennial team members as they are more comfortable with video and accessing it on multiple devices.

Incorporate the Video Into Existing Processes and Systems

Ideally, the sales team should be able to use and leverage video training through their everyday activities. The best potential fit is to have a sales enablement solution that presents the appropriate content at the time of need.

Video Alone is not the Answer

Video is not the silver bullet when it comes to training. A successful sales training program has many different components that could include in-person training, role playing, joint calls, and much more.
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