5 Tips on Managing Remote Sales Reps

  June 15th, 2016  
  Sales Management

There is a growing trend for employees to work from home; in fact, it is estimated that 60% of the American workforce could be working from home by the end of the decade. Sales leaders may also have to manage sales team members who work in other offices across the country or even across the globe. There are lots of benefits to working from home and having salespeople work from a remote location. These could include more productive salespeople, having reps closer to customers, reduced company expenses, and many more things.
There are also challenges with having a remote sales person. Here are 5 tips on managing remote sales reps.

1. Utilize Technology for Interactions

There are a lot of great technologies that can help when working with remote sales people. There are great screen sharing tools and video chat solutions that can be used to keep in touch with remote employees. This extra level of interaction and sharing is especially important as you will not have face to face in person interaction very often.

2. Include Them in Team meetings

Using some of the technology listed above it is easy to incorporate remote reps into team meetings. They can be involved in the conversations, share customer success, and lead sessions.

3. Visit Them

Meet them where they work. That could mean spending time in a regional office, going on joint meetings, or talking together at a local coffee shop. Spend some one-on-one time with them in person. If there are other team members or executives traveling, have them spend time with your remote reps.

4. Set Activity Goals and Measure

Since you don’t see these team members every day, there is the fear among some people that reps won’t be working hard. You should have activity targets and ways of measuring their success. Your CRM can be a wealth of knowledge and the best way to measure this. It is essential that all your employees, not just the remote team members, have a high CRM adoption.

5. Use Tools to Support Continuous Training

One of the new paradigms for the modern sales leader is continuous coaching and training. This has even bigger ramifications for the remote sales person. Having a great tool that helps with sales enablement they can facilitate learning by using the tool. Lurniture is one such sales engagement tool and our analytics engine will also let you know how your entire sales team, not just the remote employees, are doing with their continuous sales training.
Sales enablement can be an excellent tool to support continuous training and your remote sales reps. To find out how Lurniture can help your sales team, sign-up for our demo.

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