Tips for Ongoing Sales Training

  July 27th, 2016  
  Sales Training

The goal for a sales organization should be to create a high-performing sales culture. There are many factors that contribute to a high-performance sales culture but ongoing sales training is one of the main planks. Making the sales team more productive and better at their craft allows the company to grow in the short, medium, and long-term.
The biggest immediate attribute is increased customers and better client retention. This will, of course, lead to more revenue for the organization. Another big benefit is growing the sales team to move to other sales and leadership roles within the organization. It is not easy to create a high performing culture or to implement ongoing sales training. There are a few tips that can help you on your journey.

1. Integrate it into the Rep’s Day

For ongoing sales training to be most effective, it should be part of a sales person’s regular day. That means it should be part of regular tasks and systems they use. The training should take advantage of the systems the sales person uses on a daily basis.

2. Make it Easy

Don’t create an onerous system for the sales team members to access the sales training. Make it easy and quick to do. Ideally, leverage your systems to integrate the training into tools they are already using versus creating a new platform that they need to access.


3. Bite-Sized Pieces Regularly Presented

Jill Konrath calls bite-sized learning “chunking“. That means breaking down the training into smaller digestible pieces that are presented on a regular basis. Research has found that micro-learning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient than traditional training.

4. Measuring Users and Success

One of the other hallmarks of a successful sales culture is the desire to get better. This not only means providing training for the team, but also evaluating how the reps are using the training and tools. The goal over time is continuous improvement of the training. It is also important to measure the success of the reps and marry it back to the types and frequency of the training. On a micro level this will help when dealing with the individual sales reps success.
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