Different Training Strategies for Your B2B Sales Team

  January 20th, 2016  
  Sales Training, Videos
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Most successful organization put emphasis on sales training for their teams. In fact, organizations with a formal and consistent sales methodology have 16% more reps making quota. One decision organizations need to make is the type of training they should provide their reps. This blog post is a collection of videos that discuss different types of training strategies, learning styles and forms.

1. The Importance of Blended Learning For Sales Training


Jamie Shanks (@jamietshanks) from Sales for Life talks about the importance of using a variety of methods together for better sales training.

2. Actual Live Sales Call Sales Training


Grant Cardone (@GrantCardone) talks about the value in live training with sales reps.

3. Sales Conferences – No More Boondoggles!


Fusion Training (@FusionSalesTrg) discusses when to have a sales conference and how to make it a success.

4. 8 Fun Ways To Review Learning


Allan Matthews (@alanmatthews11) recommends incorporating fun games into training to increase retention.

5. What Are You Learning? How Are You Learning?

Jeffery Gitomer (@gitomer) talks about incorporating information from books you feel comfortable with into your sales effort.
Whether you are using a blended strategy, live training, sales conference, incorporating fun games, or reading books for sales training, there are many types of training that could be right for you and your sales team. Lurniture provides a sales enablement solution for B2B sales teams that use Salesforce.com as their CRM. To find out how Lurniture can help your sale team succeed, sign up for a free one-on-one demo.

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