Video is Key for Sales Training Success

  July 13th, 2016  
  Sales Training, Videos

Video is increasingly becoming more important for sales training. One of the factors influencing this trend is the growth of the number of millennials on the sales team. These millennials are bringing their preferences to the job.
A recent study by emarketer found that 90% of millennials watch on-line video every month. Another theme that is driving video is the move to provide continuous training for the sales team. On average people forget 70% of what they are taught within 24 hours of the training. Continuous training helps deliver consistent bite sized chunks of content to sales reps. There are many types of video that could be used as part of a continuous sales training.

1. Product Training

The marketing department has lots of content that is ideal for video. They can help create video on your products or solutions that include features, function, and especially the benefits.

2. Peer-to-Peer Learning

Sales rep can be jaded by getting all of their training from the sales leaders and marketing department. Sometimes stories from their peers resonate more than the corporate content. A great video training program should include these sales success stories.

3. Beating Competitors

One of the challenges, especially for new sales people, is how to position themselves against competitors. Creating video about each competitor can provide information that can be very useful as part of the sales cycle. As the sales people come in contact with new competitors, new videos can be added. Reviewing the video can help with the tactics and strategy needed.

4. CRM Adoption

For successful sales organizations, a CRM is a must-have. The challenge for many organizations is to ensure that the sales team is using the CRM. A great use-case for video is to reinforce using the CRM. If you select the right sales enablement tool it can provide video content when the sales person needs the extra help. One of the elements that can help with the effectiveness of video is a sales enablement tool. A system, like Lurniture, can present the video content at the right time to the sales person.
If you are interested in understanding more about Lurniture and how it can help your team with video for continuous training please sign-up for our demo.

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